Text Control Systems 

Text Control Systems provides sales, technical support, and custom programming for        EZY Switch products in North America.  

At Text Control Systems we specialize in the custom design of SMS message-based control systems for our customers including all programming. We perform an integrated system test prior to shipment.  We pride ourselves in offering these design services at a  reasonable cost to insure affordability for individuals and  companies alike.  

All text systems we supply in the USA will include the required SIM card for communication with the cell system provider.  We have partnered with AT&T Wireless as our preferred provider believing they have broad coverage in most locations throughout the nation, while allowing text communications to any carrier's cell phone.   

All EZY Switch  systems will have gone through a rigorous test prior to shipment.

Optional services provided by Text Control Systems include: 
  • Work with the customer to design a system for his specific application.
  • Produce custom installation and wiring drawings and complete documentation for their application
  • Perform initial setup and program each point with names, time delays, polarities, etc to match the equipment controlled or monitored. 
  • Full integrated system test complete with simulated inputs and outputs, to insure that when the customer receives the system, it will be fully operational following installation.  
  • Call or email us for a custom price quote and ordering information.

Samples of our documentation can be found on these pages.  
Contact us: 

Text Control Systems
email: marinecontrol@comcast.net 
phone:  412-720-3430
email me
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