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Use the massive infrastructure of the AT&T cellular network to configure the EZY Switch SMS text controller into a mini-SCADA.  

For nearly 40 years, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems have been used to manage and control our nation’s electrical grids and water distribution systems, as well major systems within large industrial complexes. In the past, this has required a huge investment in a communication infrastructure to remotely control circuit breakers, switches, pumps, and valves – and monitor temperatures, flows, and other conditions in real-time. Industries which have large geographic distribution of equipment use SCADA systems to enable control and retrieve information about their processes – but have done so at very large capital cost.

Now, for an investment of few hundred dollars, that same capability is available to the small farmer for a multitude of applications including irrigation systems and outbuilding temperature control; to municipalities for security camera control, for water and sewageutilitieslocks and damswater control projects… and many other applications that need long distance control and information gathering.  

The EZY SCADA unit can be mounted in a pump panel, PLC, motor control center – anywhere you need control or information within a process or facility. This unit packs a world of capability into the space of a 3X5 inch card. Over 50 functions, specifically designed to provide maximum flexibility for the system designer or user are implemented using SMS text message programming – no computer is required for the set-up.  
Point-to-Point or P2P uses a pair of SMS-2’s.  Enables digital remote control over an unlimited distance.  As an alternative to manually sending a text message (using the EZY Switch phone app) to a remotely mounted SMS-2 unit that, for example, controls a pump, use a second SMS-2 to accept the input from a PLC or a pushbutton to start or stop the pump. The only restriction on the distance between the control point and the controlled element is whether cellular service is available at both locations. You can find this feature described at our website and on page 21 in the EZY Switch Manual 
Remotely monitor temperatures using the SMS-TEM-2, -4 and -8.  The temperature input is provided by a sensor with a range of -25 to +80 degrees C. This input replaces one of the inputs on the SMS-2, -4, or -8. The description of the application of this feature is found on page 19 in the SMS-TEM-2 installation manual.

Remotely monitor tank levels using a pressure sensor. A pressure monitor mounted at the top of the tank or in the delivery line enables very accurate level measurement. This feature is available only with the model SMS-T2. The procedure for calibration of the tank, setting alarms, and interrogation of tank levels is described on pages 19 through 21 in the manual:               

Pressure-type level sensors are either top-of-tank or bottom/delivery line mounted.  The top-of-tank are described at

The bottom/delivery line mounted sensor is described at

Remotely monitor a pulse counter such as is commonly used for on meters measuring liquid flow for irrigations pumps and similar applications. This is a standard feature of the SMS-2 and the functions available with this feature are found on pages 22 to 24 of the SMS-2 manual:
Remotely monitor run-times for motors or electrical usage.  An hour counter feature, available for the SMS-2, allows counting of hours when an input turns on.  If an alarm point is set and reached a text will be sent to the programmed alarm number. The hour meter can be interrogated at any time.  This feature is described on page 25 -26 in the SMS-2 Manual at: