• Receive text message alerts on your cell phone alerting you to potential problems on your boat, in your home, or with your equipment
  • Send commands to control lights, pumps, appliances, air conditioning, etc. via text message from your cell phone
  • Connects to 2G, 3G and 4G networks world-wide
  • Newly added SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) features:
  • NEW!! Point to Point (P2P) pair of SMS-2 controllers supports communications between two remote stations separated by unlimited distance.  Point to Point (P2P) pair of SMS-2 controller can be on the same or a different cellular network. An input (e.g. a pushbutton) in controller 'A' will close a relay contact in controller 'B' or vice versa. A user may transmit ON/OFF commands by simply pushing a button or from a PLC closing one of its outputs.  
  • NEW!! Remotely monitor temperatures with the SMS-2, -4 and -8
  • NEW!! Remotely monitor tank levels with the SMS-2
  • NEW!! Remotely monitor flow meters with a pulse counter on the SMS-2
  • NEW!! An hour counter feature allows for counting hours when an input turns on and when an alarm point is reached (if set) a text will be sent to the programmed alarm number. The hour meter can be interrogated at any time.  Available for the SMS-2.
  • Up to 12 cell phones may be designated to send commands and receive alert text messages. (SMS-2 can have up to 10 phones)
  •  No need for a computer since all set-up and changes made by text commands
  • Control for four (4) devices for SMS-8 and - 4  using text commands ( 2 devices for SMS-2)
  • Monitor up to eight (8) devices (4 for SMS-4 and 2 for SMS-2) that use switched contacts (switching inputs which use contacts that open or close upon activation such as a bilge float switch)
  • Programmable Input delays to eliminate nuisance alerts for momentary issues  (up to 15 min delay)
  • Programmable for Normally Open or Normally Closed Inputs
  • Inputs and Outputs names are user programmable via text command – up to 20 characters and multiple words 
  • Link any Input to any Output (Example: Link intruder sensor or smoke detector [input] to light or alarm horn [output])
  • Monitors its own battery (or AC converter supply voltage) and sends alarm message if low battery is detected – for either 12 or 24 volt systems
  • On-demand text updates to interrogate status of::
  • Current battery voltage and network signal strength
  • Status of all Inputs
  • Status of all Outputs
  • Compact Size for wall or horizontal surface mounting: 
                          4.5 x 3 x 1.25 inches
  • Any carrier's cell phone can receive alerts and issue commands - Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc 
  • Model SMSGP-2, -4, and -8 allow instant interrogation of GPS location or can be programmed to send a location text at given time of the day 

To see and example of the Google Map location provided by the GPS, click on the link below: 


For a full description of the features available in the EZY Switch models click the link below for the  Installation and Operation Manuals:
Get the EZY Switch phone app providing one-touch text commands with up to 10 preset buttons